Backpack of Success Skills

What is it?

A digital platform for students to enter pictures, video and a written reflection of what they have learned in five key areas—emerging innovator, productive collaborator, effective communicator, globally and culturally competent citizen, and prepared and resilient learner.

Where is the digital backpack?

It’s located on Google Drive. Every student in the district will have access to it through their JCPS Google account at school. Parents should communicate with their child’s teacher to find out how the school will customize the curriculum to meet the needs of the students. 

How will this impact my child?

Students will collect evidence each year for each of the five Success Skills. Then, in fifth, eighth, and twelfth grade, each will have to defend their growth and readiness in each of the five Success Skills before a panel using those pictures, videos or written reflection he or she has collected.

Will my child still have traditional classes like language arts, math, science, and social studies?

Yes, these core subjects will still be at the center of your child’s education. However, our goal is for students to learn through meaningful experiences that require them not only to learn essential content, but also to apply it in ways that are interesting.  Students will still take part in statewide testing at the end of the school year.

What happens if a child doesn’t display readiness before the panel?

School staff will monitor the student’s backpack to find areas that need to be addressed and will come up with a plan to ensure the student’s progress. Ideally, a student will not defend until we know he or she is prepared to do this successfully. However, schools are responsible for making sure students have additional opportunities to defend as needed. Our goal is for every student to be well equipped for success as he/she transitions to the next level.