Mission Statement:
The mission of Knight Middle School is to foster a safe, student-centered community that personalizes education to meet the needs of all learners through discovery and innovation.
Vision Statement:
To be a school of excellence in preparing our learners for their ever-changing future.
Core Beliefs
At Knight Middle School, we believe:

...each student has unique strengths and contributions to make to the Knight community.  We are committed to meeting students where they are on their journey.

...the purpose of education is to inspire students to be life-long learners and impactful members of society.

...in meeting the needs of the whole child that includes a focus on academics, art, technology and success skills that translate to the real world.

...in being student-centered, where all classrooms are active, engaging, and culturally responsive to all learners.

...all students will become critical and creative thinkers as well as effective collaborators and communicators.

...high expectations equal high structure and high support.

...it is our responsibility to provide a safe learning environment.

...in engaging all Knight shareholders to use their voices in decision making.


Knight Middle School

Address: 9803 Blue Lick Rd Louisville, Kentucky 40229      
502-485-8287      School Hours are 7:00am to 4:00pm